Spectrum of Hope

Spectrum of Hope:

What We See at the End of the Rainbow

The Spectrum of Hope multimedia project is a collection of conversations that Liz had with members of the LGBTQ community in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Liz asked participants to reflect on one question: “What vision do you have for the future, individually and collectively?” Folks responded by sharing words, images, and objects in their lives that inspired hope. Liz used a projector to illuminate the participant’s face with these images and objects, then interviewed each one about what brings them hope. 

The end result is a series of gorgeous, multilayered portraits and video segments where participants created a shared community vision of a brighter future for LGBTQ people and the world more generally. 

This project is led by Liz Williams of Southern Equality Studios, a program of the Campaign for Southern Equality (southernequality.org) with special support from the LGBTQ Center of Durham and Maker’s Circle.